Fatehgarh is a Cantonment town in Farrukhabad district in the State of Uttar Pradesh, India. It is located on the right bank of the Ganges river. It is the administrative headquarters of Farrukhabad district. Fatehgarh was named by Behlol Lodhi in memory of his seventh son Fateh Khan in 1478. It is a small city with no significant industrial activity. Cantonment Board Fatehgarh established in the year 1870. It is category II cantonment. In 1777 Fatehgarh Camp came into existence on the arrival of the temporary brigade, mobilized by the East India Company, for the defence of the Oudh. It was camp in the sense that living arrangements were temporary, officers and men living with their families in huts instead of tents. The huts gradually changed into houses of wretched description, and despite the arrival of planters and traders the name camp rightly described the station and it was not until 1790 that it became permanent. Camp however it continued to be called up to the Mutiny. In 1781 houses in Fatehgarh camp were being erected. The station, by then had begun to assume its present shape. Bungalows were strung in a line along the bank of the Ganges, and infantry lines formed along the edge of the parade ground. The artillery was on the Fort road. The city was connected by the roads from Ghatia Ghat.


Fatehgarh is situated in the Farrukhabad district in Uttar Pradesh. It is located between 27.37° North latitude and 79.63° East longitude at a height of 138 meters (452 feet) above mean sea level. The nearest railway station is Fatehgarh at distance of 02 Km. the nearest airport is Lucknow. It forms a twin city with Farrukabad which is situated at a distance of 5 km. In the northwest of the town at a distance of 150 km. is the state capital Lucknow and in the northeast is the city of Agra at a distance of 160 Km. Fatehgarh got its name from an ancient fort located here and was founded in 1714. The Fatehgarh Railway Station which lies on the Mathura-Kanpur line is a major rail junction of the state and connects Fatehgarh to rest of the place in the state.