The system of collection, transportation and disposal of garbage in the Fatehgarh Cantonment is partly manual and partly mechanized. The Board has 1 tipper, 1 Compactor and two Nos tractors which are used for collection of garbage from various cement-concrete/brick masonry bins, Plastic and Iron dustbins located in the Fatehgarh Cantonment. The garbage collected from these bins is carried to the trenching ground for processing. The services being provided by the Board include road sweeping, drain cleaning, cleaning of group latrines, septic tanks, urinals, removal of grass and dead animals, cattle impounding and cleaning of PGLs etc.

Basic Information Regarding Sanitation Establishment

NAME numbers
Tractor Trollies 03 Nos
Tata Tipper 01 Nos
Compactor 01 Nos
Sulabh Sauchalayas 07 Blocks (80 seats)
Public Group Latrines 02 Blocks (10 seats)
Mobile Toilet 05 Nos. (6 seated each)
Sanitary Inspector 01 Nos.
Safai Jamadars 02 Nos
Safaiwala 74 Nos

Citizen’s Responsibility


  • Keep environment clean and green and cooperate with the cantt board staff with their duties.
  • Observe law of the land in both letter and spirit.
  • Using pedestrian tracks while walking in parks/garden.
  • Observe traffic rules.
  • Cooperate in tree plantation.
  • Use parking space for parking the vehicles.
  •  Use Dustbins.


  • Dont spit on public road, parks and streets.
  • Consumption of drugs and liquor.
  • Carrying pets in park and gardens.
  • Throwing garbage, empty container, packages, polythene on prohibited public places.
  • Damage grass & plants etc in parks and road sides.
  • Use of poly bags.
  • Open Defecation.

Cleaning Schedule

  • Lanes, roads, small drains, refuse bins, urinals, group latrines and dead cattle in civil area.
  • Collection of rubbish/garbage from the refuse bins in army area.
  • Anti mosquito spray through sprayer.
  • Cleaning of septic tanks of latrines in civil area.
  • Inspection of shops of merchants of food grains, vegetables, fruits selling eatable items country/foreign liquors and intoxication drugs, medicines and other trades in cantt area.
  • Catching of stray cattle.
  • Release of seized items/goods/vehicles belong.


All the complaints related to garbage lifting, road sweeping, drain cleaning and lifting of dead animals are addressed within 24 hours. Complaints related to cleaning of large drains may take 48 hours.

Following officials can be contacted for the purpose round the clock:

  • Mr. Nawab Hussain Siddiqui, Sanitary Inspector, Mob.No.9838985541
  • Samadhan Complaint No.05692 234559

You can also lodge complaint through Samadhan Android Mobile App. Download from Google Playstore by searching samadhancbfatehgarh. Register your mobile no. and lodge complaint